• Living Fully Group for Adults

  • Are you struggling with intense, painful emotions? Do you feel stuck or hopeless about your ability to manage your emotions or participate in healthy relationships? LIVING FULLY could help.

    In this group, you will learn concrete skills to take control of your emotions and actions and to participate in fulfilling relationships including modified DBT and other methods. You will leave every session with a new strategy to practice.

    Curriculum is broken down into 12 week modules. Participants are asked to commit to the entire module that they sign up for & will be made aware of how long it is upon registration.

  • Wednesdays: 1:00pm-2:30pm IN PERSON @ 2 Buck Rd Ste J Hanover NH

    Thursday 4:30 - 6pm HELD VIA ZOOM

  • Sessions will be conducted via Zoom

Facilitator(s): Katrin Tchana, LICSW & Ellie Foley, LCMHC Candidate

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Most insurances will cover the cost of group sessions.
Speak to our Group Coordinator for questions regarding insurance or self-pay rates.

How to Join:
To inquire further about groups, please contact our Groups Coordinator at 603-865-1321 option 3, or you can

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