Are you troubled by depression or recurrent anxiety?

Is stress impacting your mood, your relationships or your health?

Does anger feel like it is controlling you instead of you controlling it?

Is your work life unfulfilling or are you not sure where to go next in your career?

Do you feel unsatisfied in relationships or do you wish to cultivate more healthy relationships?

Are you wondering what you could do to feel more effective in your parenting?

Have you experienced a recent loss or is grief over a past loss making it difficult to move forward?

Are you navigating transition in your life and you don't know what to do next?

Do you just feel plain stuck?

Does your life feel out of balance?

Are you dealing with health concerns and chronic pain?

Are you interested in cultivating more happiness and meaning in your life?

We can help!

At Counseling Associates, you will find the experience and expertise to help you address these issues and create solutions and skills to move forward. We believe in solution-focused treatment that helps clarify issues and address goals in a time effective manner.

You might have some questions or concerns

Can counseling really help?

Yes! Research and our own experience provide convincing evidence that counseling is effective. Often people report some progress in the first few sessions. We will work closely with you to create a plan that will help you seeing movement to your goals during and between each session.

I have my friends to talk to. Who needs counseling?

Counseling is different. The support of friends and family is important and valuable. When you work with a counselor, you are getting a fresh, objective perspective that is different from that of a friend or family member. We also talk with you in a different way than you would have conversations with friends and family. We have years of training in effective communication, collaboration and professional skills.

If I start counseling, I'll have to go forever!

Myth. Your counselor will work with you to create time-specific goals that you can move toward achieving your goals and maintaining your gains on your own. Our job is to work ourselves out of a job.

In the past I haven't found counseling helpful. I don't want to sit around dredging up my past.

We hear you. While it is sometimes beneficial to take a look at how our past informs our present, at Counseling Associates we meet you where you are at now and look at where you want to go. We will collaborate with you on setting goals that are meaningful to you for moving forward. If there is value to working on past events in a more detailed way, we will talk to you about that and help you make informed choices for your own counseling.

I don't think I can afford it.

Counseling is a sound investment in yourself, your future, your relationships and your health. We appreciate the investment in time and money that counseling represents. We are committed to providing you with new perspectives and skills that will help you now and in the future.