Children & Families

Is your child worried, fearful or unusually sad?

Does your child seem overwhelmed at school, at home or in friendships?

Is your child unusually angry or irritable?

Is your child struggling to be successful in school or is homework an increasingly challenging issue for the family?

Has your child's behavior or mood suddenly become unpredictable or challenging to respond to?

Are you wondering what you could do to feel more effective in your parenting?

Are you concerned about the impact of recent losses on your child?

Are you going through a divorce and want to make sure your child is okay?

Does your child continue to be troubled by a traumatic event either recent or in the more distant past?

We can help!

At Counseling Associates, you will find the experience and expertise to help you address these issues and create solutions and skills to move forward. We work with children of all ages using play, relational, cognitive-behavioral, sensorimotor and family therapies. We are committed to actively engaging the family in the therapy process and in coordinating treatment with primary care providers, the school and other care providers, as warranted, in order to achieve the best outcomes. We offer innovative and individually tailored services to support children's success in the family, school, relationships and in the community.

You might have some questions or concerns

I don't want my child to think they're a problem.

That's great! Neither do we. We are committed to working with children and families to identify their unique strengths and brainstorm strategies for how to use them in order to create positive change. We will also make time to speak with you individually so you can express your concerns openly and provide relevant history.

My child is not going to sit and talk to a stranger.

We meet kids where they're at. Our experienced Child & Family Therapists are skilled at building relationships and cultivating a sense of safety and trust with children. We use a variety of creative and interactive activities to engage children and work in a way that is most comfortable to them. Some of us don't even expect to do much sitting. We will collaborate with parents and caregivers to create an appropriate pacing and balance of individual and family time.

I took my children to counseling before. They hated it!

Hmmm. Sometimes counseling is about fit. We urge you to give it another try and we will speak with you and your child about how we can create a positive experience. Sometimes when children feel forced to go to counseling, it is hard to see what's in it for them. We work to collaborate with children so they have a voice in setting their own goals for therapy. We will often make an agreement with a child to “give it a go” for a certain number of sessions. Usually, they choose to continue after this trial period.

I think my child is doing fine. I'm the one who needs help with parenting.

That's great, too. We are happy to work with parents and other caregivers to build confidence and effectiveness needed to support their children and families.

Additional Services

For educators: School Services