We value the collaborative relationships we have with medical, school and other professionals in the area.

Medical Providers

We continue to to develop and enhance responsive and effective methods to coordinate care with primary care and other providers.

  • Provider Referral: We offer a secure portal to coordinate referrals. Our Referral Coordinator manages these contacts from referral to the patient's initial visit.
  • Coordination of Care: We are enhancing our coordination of care communications with primary care and other providers, as authorized by the patient. As part of the initial appointment, new patient's consent is requested to permit coordination of care. With such authorization, you will be informed when your patient is initially seen at our practice and updates will be provided as appropriate.
  • Collaboration: We offer customized approaches to collaborate on your care of a particular patient or with your practice as whole. From telephone consultation to on-site wellness groups to co-location, CA takes an innovative approach to our relationships with providers and service to the community.
  • Integrative Health Approaches: At CA, we take a whole person approach to health. We offer a range of integrative health approaches including therapy and integrative health coaching. We work with individuals and groups to establish sustainable health-related behavior change.

Contact our Provider Connections Coordinator for more information on how we can help your patients thrive.



Mental health and behavioral concerns present challenges to the already complex demands of meeting the educational needs of students. We collaborate with school systems to create innovative solutions to addressing these challenges.

  • School Services: We are pleased to offer a range of services to local and regional school systems to support them in achieving their goals of meeting the educational, behavioral, developmental and mental health needs of students. Services can be arranged for specific students upon request. We also coordinate customized contractual arrangements with local school systems to provide regular consultation and clinical services.
  • School-Based Services: We coordinate on-site services at the request of local schools to improve access to therapy services for their students. These services not only enhance access but also provide opportunities for more effective coordination, assessment and intervention.
  • Trauma-Informed Schools: As an educator, you are well aware how a child's experience outside of the classroom impacts participation and learning inside of the classroom. Our Specialists provide consultation and trainings to help educators recognize and more effectively respond to trauma effects in their students as well as individual and group therapy services for students to develop skills to succeed academically and socially.

Read more about our School Services and Our Team

Contact our School Services Director for more information on how we can help your students thrive.


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We are always open to hearing from talented, experienced clinicians. If you are interested in the possibility of joining our dedicated clinical team, we invite you to send or attach a letter of interest and resume to: careers@ca-mh.com. We look forward to hearing from you. Please visit nhcounselingcareers.com