• Seeking Safety Women's Group

  • This group is focused on helping women with substance abuse and co-occurring PTSD develop coping skills. For women with this prevalent and difficult-to-treat dual diagnosis, the most urgent clinical need is to establish safety--to work toward discontinuing substance use, letting go of dangerous relationships, and gaining control over such extreme symptoms as dissociation and self-harm.

    ** Each group is about 25 weeks. 50 min meetings, telehealth only.
  • Tuesdays 6:00-7:00pm

  • Starts June 1st

  • Sessions will be conducted via Zoom

Facilitator(s): Kasey Graben

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Most insurances will cover the cost of group sessions.
Speak to our Group Coordinator for questions regarding insurance or self-pay rates.

How to Join: Please contact Meredith Manning in the Counseling Associates Upper Valley office to schedule an orientation at (603) 865-1321. or you can

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