Are you interested in enhancing your sense of health and well-being?

Do you feel like your life is out of balance?

Are you curious about cultivating more meaning and fulfillment in your life and relationships?

Are you looking for more fulfillment in your work life?

Are you tired of beating yourself up because you’re struggling with health-related changes, such as establishing an exercise program, eating more healthfully or quitting smoking?

Are you wondering about all this talk about mindfulness?

We can help!

We work with individuals looking to cultivate health and well-being in the many aspects of their lives. We have counselors skilled in helping people achieve the change they want and to sustain it moving forward.

You might be thinking that wellness counseling and coaching is for you but you still have some questions …

Why do I need counseling or coaching? I can do this myself.

We believe you can, too. There are a lot of things you can do, and will do, on your own that will move you toward your goals. Clients like you have told us that working with an experienced wellness counselor has helped them gain new perspectives and move toward the change you want more effectively and sustainably.

I know I should (insert exercise, eat more healthfully, stop smoking, whatever your specific should might be…). I’ve tried a million times but I just can’t seem to do it. Why’s this going to be any different?

Change is not one size fits all. We’re not going to have you fit into our approach. We’re going to work with you to create an approach that is unique and specific to you. We’re going to talk about why you want to achieve your goals and set you up for success in reaching them.

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