Mindful Kids

Mindfulness incorporates Eastern philosophy and meditation practices to help individuals increase their attention and awareness, improve concentration, help regulate emotions, and enhance self-acceptance and confidence. Mindful Kids will teach your child fun and friendly ways to practice mindfulness as well as ways that you can practice mindfulness together!

This group is aimed at promoting positive emotions and self-esteem; improving emotional and cognitive awareness; and increasing focus on present situations. This group runs for 8 weeks.

amayo-small Facilitator: Ashley Mayo, MS LCMHC is a licensed clinical mental health counselor at Counseling Associates.
Ashley creates an atmosphere in both her individual and group work that invites you to explore your thoughts and feelings, identify your strengths and enhance your insight in order to create meaningful change. Ashley recognizes the power of mindfulness to achieve these desired changes and is skilled in introducing mindfulness concepts in a down-to-earth manner to children, adolescents and adults. Ashley is welcoming new clients in our Upper Valley and Claremont locations.

  • Missed Session Policy: The group process & logistics rely on regular attendance at each scheduled group. There is a $20 charge for each missed session.
  • If custody is shared, both parents/guardians will need to consent to participate in this group.
  • Parents/guardians will need to stay on premises during the group.
Call our Groups & Workshop Coordinator at (603) 865-1321 x3.