Healing Hearts Children’s Grief Group

Child Grief

Healing Hearts is a 10-week group for children affected by the death of a special person. Many grieving children feel isolated in their experiences of grief. This group will connect children of similar age and loss and provide participants with opportunities to share their experiences and to develop coping and problem-solving skills to deal with difficult emotions and changes in their lives.

$45/session. Most health insurance benefits offer coverage for group therapy.

  • For: Elementary School-Aged Children
  • Location: Upper Valley
  • 10 weeks, 1 hour sessions
  • Dates: tba

Children will experience a wide range of shifting feelings. This may be confusing to both children and their caregivers, alike. In Healing Hearts, children will be able to explore and normalize a range of feelings that may include: confusion, sadness, anger, worry, fear, insecurity, denial, and guilt. Children may also, at times, feel happy and okay.

This group will support children in navigating the tasks of grief:

  • Understanding: Helping children make sense of the loss at an age-appropriate level, receive age-appropriate information about the loss and understand the impact of the loss.
  • Grieving: Helping children process the loss and develop skills to cope with their feelings of grief.
  • Remembering: Supporting children, either formally or informally, to develop ways to remember those positive moments.
  • Living: Supporting participants as some regular activities resume, while still having emotional space to discuss and experience the loss.

amack-small Facilitator: Amy Mack is a licensed clinical social worker at Counseling Associates.
Amy (Van Dusen) Mack, MSW, LICSW: Amy works with children, teens and families in our Upper Valley and New London offices as well as in local schools. Amy has specialized training in Play Therapy and Child-Parent Psychotherapy. Amy strives to create a collaborative, warm, and comfortable environment in her groups and in her individual work.

  • Missed Session Policy: The group process & logistics rely on regular attendance at each scheduled group. There is a $20 charge for each missed session.
  • If custody is shared, both parents/guardians will need to consent to participate in this group.
  • Parents/guardians will need to stay on premises during the group.
Call our Groups & Workshop Coordinator at (603) 865-1321 x3.

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Cancellation Policy: If you cancel your reservation more than 2 weeks prior to program start, you will receive a full refund less $25 processing fee. No refunds or credits are issued for cancellations received less than 2 weeks prior to program start.